Born in Mexico City and raised in Los Angeles. An immigrant, a curious gent, but most importantly a dreamer. Knowing very little about this country or what I was doing here, growing up in the real world was hard. Because of that I didn’t find my passion until my early 20s, which was of course story-telling.

I eventually would attend and graduate from Art Center College of Design. Art Center was the unexpected. As a design school, I immediately grew an interest for design. I began to be very interested in companies such as Apple & Google so I began immersing myself into design while still keeping my narrative style as a filmmaker.

A perfectionist, enthusiast and a student of life. I find passion in telling emotion driven stories and connecting it to peoples hearts. My favorite films: Coco & Up would best sum up the kind of stories I like to tell, but Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind & Memento show the kind of complex thinking I like to be doing. My first year at Long Beach City College I immersed myself in fine art & graphic design. I studied the great masters of art such as Rembrandt & DaVinci. This helped build my eye in ways that I didn't understand at the time, but in ways that I implement into the work I do now.

Editing. I currently edit narratives, music videos and commercials. I’ve worked with artists that include Schoolboy Q, Big Sean, JoJo, Echo, Mike Posner, El Pescao, Fergie, Ella Eyre, Souls. I’ve worked on commercials for AT&T, Lexus, Google, Audi, Puma, ANA Airlines, Coca Cola, Intuit, Calvin Klein, Everest, 2K Games, Quicken Loans, Olay, CVS and Microsoft. Directing. Although I spend most of my time editing, I love to write and direct. I specially love animated short stories such as Paperman & La Luna. At the moment I am currently working on an original animated short film called The Universe.

My first film class. This is where I learned what my passion is. I discovered directors that I admire and look up to such as, Christopher Nolan, David Fincher, Alejandro Iñarritu, John Lasseter, amongst many others.

I love the idea of finding the unknown. Thinking of what the future holds in store for us as filmmakers and how we will implement that into the stories we tell is something that I look forward to. Resume & References 562-659-3088