I was born in Mexico City and raised in Los Angeles. I am an editor, a perfectionist, enthusiast and a student of life. I find passion in telling emotional stories through the story-telling medium and connecting it to peoples heart and soul. I love collaborating with artists who work as a team and find passion in something they believe in.

As a kid I was always creating and conceptualizing. Although I was never guided into the film & art world, my mind was always being creative. I found my way to it by trail and error. Always curious and ready to ask questions. It wasn't until I saw the first Spider-man film that I knew I would one day work in the motion picture industry.

My first year at Long Beach City College I immersed myself in fine art & graphic design. I was exploring my range as an artist. I studied the great artists from the masters such as Rembrandt & DaVinci. This helped build my eye in ways that I didn't understand at the time, but in ways that I implement into the work I do now. I carried this into my first film class. This is where I learned what my passion was. I discovered directors that I admire and look up to such as, Christopher Nolan, David Fincher, Tim Burton, Spike Jonze, Orson Welles, amongst many other.

I eventually would attend and graduate from Art Center College of Design. Art Center was the unexpected. As a design school, I immediately grew an interest for design. I began to be very interested in companies such as Apple & Google so then I began immersing myself into design while still keeping my narrative style as a filmmaker. I love the idea of finding the unknown. Thinking of what the future holds in store for us as filmmakers and how we will implement that into the stories we tell is something that I look forward to.

jorgexsandoval@gmail.com 562-659-3088